About us

About Desinder

Brands around the world are in search of great talent for their design projects.

Freelance designers are looking to work on design projects with great brands.

Desinder is the connector of the two.

An online platform that facilitates collaborations on creative and innovative design projects, focusing on apparel, footwear, bags, and accessories.

No more stress, no more searching, no more wasted time.

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We are Ana and Klas, the founders of Desinder. An apparel design expert and an engineer with a goal to bring brilliant design ideas to life.

Besides Desinder we also run the online educational platform Apparel Entrepreneurship and the technical apparel design agency Ana Kristiansson Design Agency.

Apparel Entrepreneurship helps entrepreneurs launch, build and scale successful, meaningful and profitable apparel brands. 

Through Apparel Entrepreneurship we work with hundreds of brands from all over the world and Desinder was born from 

our community’s need.

On a daily basis we would hear: Do you know a great designer that you can recommend?

Ana Kristiansson Design Agency works with small to medium sized brands on deigns, product development, strategy and sustainability implementation.

We would weekly get inquiries about helping brands with their design projects and product development. Because of time constrains, we could only work with a fraction of the brands. So again, the need for design help has been evident and a constant reminder of the need for an online, global connecting platform for brands and designers. 

The Name

Designer + Finder = Desinder