Speed bumps

Desinder opened up for real yesterday, and the interest exceeded our expectations. We are extremely happy for the positive feedback and for all of you who have already joined us here:)

The unexpected high demand meant that our servers felt a bit overwhelmed. We quickly gathered our IT team in Europe, Asia, and the US and moved the entire site to new high-performance servers. The site was closed for visitors during a few hours to protect your data from getting lost in migration. Now the site is moved, but you may still notice some difficulties for a short period. Try to clear your cache and see if it works better.

We launched Desinder because we didn’t want to wait any longer. There are many things we want to improve, and we would also like to know what YOU want to improve. So when you notice things on the site that are not working or that you’d like to improve, PLEASE let us know. When we know about it, we can fix it. But hold on… let us know in a structured way:

Email us to hello@desinder.com with the subject “Feedback”. All CONSTRUCTIVE feedback is welcome. Be as specific as you can, and preferably say how you’d like things to look or function instead. That’s it, thank you!

Again, thanks for the support!

//Team Desinder

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